Apparel 89!! What happened?

Dan Harding

As you may know i began to run a clothing line for Apparel 89, now while i loved it, it was my baby something to grow and nurture into my own business, you may have noticed i stopped working on it.
I’ve had many people ask for the return whilst it has been down, loyal customers, new ones coming across the instagram page, generally people did love it, i had consistent sales, i just lost confidence, kind of why i started this journey of blogging, writing articles if you may, the same reason i stopped doing youtube, i lost confidence, i couldnt walk around with a camera any more, i felt the whole world was staring at me when i did, such a hard thing to explain.
i feel bad because like my youtube i get weekly, some times daily requests to do it again and start making more apparel89 stock. in all honesty i may build my confidence back up for youtube one day but for the time being i won’t be making any more items for apparel 89, i really do apologise, i feel like I’m letting people down.
its tough for me to get into because i loved it, still do, just can’t be in a packed gym posing for photos at this minute in time, my brain, anxiety and all round nervousness won’t allow me to, pathetic excuse i know but something I’ve done with this blog from the beginning is keep it honest from start to finish no bullshit. 
i decided to put the remaining stock from apparel89 in the store of this site linked ** HERE ** its near enough at cost prices, pretty much to free up space so my mrs won’t kill me haha, so if you do want to get your hand on some decent quality gym bits its there for you, when its gone its gone and won’t be getting restocked.
i know this one got deep so if you kept at it until the end i love you and we will grow as a unit! 


  • I get what you mean about the anxiety and feeling Overwhelmed I get the same way to at times. You can do it I can do it we can do it


  • You’re honesty is awesome man. Like I did in my message to you in the gram, I actually respect you more and relate to you better knowing that you face some of the dames feelings of fear, anxiety, etc as I do, considering that you’re someone I’ve followed and looked up to for a minute now.
    Follow your bliss and find your truth. It belongs to you and you alone. Much love.

    Andrew Griffith

  • Good blog again mate. You still selling the workout plans?

    Jonathan Pritchard

  • As I said recently in my Insta post, just do the basics well and just enjoy life. In no time you’ll have a found a new set of goals that excite and interest you! Keep it up buddy, it’s a very relatable story!


  • As always a great blog dude!!! More than happy to support you with anything as said before bro, but I’m pleased your doing this for the right reasons and not because you feel obligated to. Loyal and new supporters will support you and have faith in what you want to achieve and I understand that conquering your own self and family is worth more than those of fans and followers!
    Be real and stay real, this is what I’ve always found with you dan!
    Chin up buddy!


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