Juggling Work and Diet

Dan Harding

ast week whilst writing the majority, if not all of my articles, fitting everything i was easy i had the week off work so finding time wasn’t the issue, it was dealing with injuries and spurs of motivation that got me, this week has seen a new challenge.
so i went back to work, now i work on building sites and although i do actually enjoy my job to a degree it leaves me stumped with my approach to eating and squeezing things in, all food has to be eaten cold which I’m sure you can imagine, things like chicken, rice and oats, you’d rather have warmed up, i have come to some sort of solution though.
Food prep, no big secret right, everyone does it, or do they?? but this prep really does give me that edge, i make my oats the night before, 100g oats, protein powder, milk, honey and peanut butter, every day the same without fail, i mix this up and put it in the fridge overnight, this lets the oats absorb the milk and protein keeps it cold with a nice porridge like consistency, actually doesn’t even taste bad! following that i buy a packet rice, usually Mexican or vegetable flavour from lidl, 49p fucking bargain mate! bang than in the microwave put in a Tupperware pot,  i get my chicken previously cooked and marinated  and add this to the rice, with cooking the rice the night before it eliminates the need for a microwave at work and makes the rice nice and fluffy ready to eat the next day. 
Now I’m not a dickhead I’d much prefer my food hot but when you have to make do this really does help the situation, id also throw in a couple of litres of water, apple, banana and maybe some grapes to snack on throughout the day. the above reality is helping me keep my food on track until i get home and have more resources to work with, i know this isn’t a brand new ball game with food prep and all that but its the little things like flavoured microwaved rice, etc, that really do make the difference and help you keep on track even when your at your workplace.
Theres my two cents worth of advice for you, take it, work with it and let me know, especially how you prep? because I’m learning too, you may have little tricks up your sleeve that you do too, those quick, easy and convenient meals is what I’m looking for..
anyway I’m off, cheers for taking the time 
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  • On point dude! I flipping hate prep but gotta be done!!!!


  • Where would we be without tupperwear? Trying to fit different eating for me in with what the rest of the family want to eat is my biggest problem. They don’t alway’s want to share in the chicken and rice thing ? Still, we manage.


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