Regaining my Focus

Dan Harding

For the longest time now I've had a strange relationship with my diet and the gym, bouncing in and out of motivation, really trying to force my self to enjoy again what once was my biggest passion.

You see it kind of started after i competed, i left my prep a little late and had to get help from a coach to get me there, but due to the diet change and training in such a lethargic way, i sort lost my love for what i was doing, that and the constant social media pressure.

That pressure to get likes, be relevant, have amazing posts when in reality it was all bullshit, until one day i generally thought fuck it, i pretty much quit not only the gym but social media also and only going or posting for the last year when i wanted too, on my terms. 

I was happy, kind of, although i wasn't, i thought it was what i wanted, to not go workout but the reality is i miss it, i miss the environment, i hate the fact i became somewhat lazy, eating shit, feeling shit. 

Now I'm not going to promise anything, not put the pressure on myself to do anything really but i do want to document in some way me regaining my passion through different avenues of fitness, learning new things and hopefully teaching any of you who wish to read this, maybe helping some of you who may have recently lost motivation recently, to be honest over the last couple of weeks I've already made huge leaps, I've been researching explosive training to improve an athletes game or sport, plyometrics, olympic lifts, even observed and thinking of taking crossfit classes.

I really do feel the above is all positive steps for me regaining my health and fitness from the inside out and I'm going to try and keep it up, maybe come here and type when i feel like i need to let off some steam, being honest and showing that everyone goes through it and needs that boost from others every once and a while. 

appreciate you taking the time to read this and ill make these as regular as possible 



  • Feel you mate……same here……trying to get back into the swing of things and start enjoying it again. You’ll get there bro… have the drive and determination ?


  • Thanks for sharing Dan, while you might have been off social media and feeling unmotivated we never forgot you and all you did to help us, I/we fully support any decisions you make on or off social media.
    Keep the faith, Stay strong

    Lee MK

  • Myself am the same mate, got into a really great lifestyle fitness wise, and I let minor set backs get in the way until my motorvation was completely gone, being into fitness isn’t just getting a hour at the gym everyday it’s a way of life, everything from a morning breakfast to a evening post on social media, sometimes you need that break from it to re gain that motorvation and come back bigger and better, I have never stopped thinking about getting back but just haven’t had that drive to do it! But reading this is a big help! it’s nice to know even the best of best go through it! Really good read mate! Keep em coming :)

    Dan c

  • Thanks for all the positive words and encouragement, I love your words and blog keep then coming.


  • Thanks for sharing, I myself am in a rut and need to get back to the gym. Like you I miss it and need to get my motivation back! Knowing your not alone really does help! Thanks for being honest and upfront!


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