Starting Point

Dan Harding

Been at a cross roads for a while, battled with mental health for a long time now, somewhat let myself go due to lack of confidence, low self esteem and sometimes feeling a sense of worthlessness. Damn, well shit its all out there now. 

Whilst the above statements is truly how I've felt at times, i know I'm more than capable of more, emotionally and physically and there is no better time than right now! i promised myself at the beginning of the year that i wouldn't allow 2018 to do me the same way the last two previous years have, but unfortunately up until now that hasn't been the case. 

up until now! I'm taking action, I'm not going to allow myself to be beaten, as of right now I'm currently embarking on studies for a change in career path, one that i know ill deliver to the highest standard, I'm taking on a personal goal to get my arse back into shape, to post more on social media that will help others, with strength, body composition and importantly wellbeing, helping people in similar situations to myself.

If you check on my Facebook and Instagram page, you'll see I'm already putting some of my above choices into action, I've personally worked out my macronutrients for myself (and published a blog which gives you the formula to work out yours)  to have a 1lb fat loss each week, along with picking up my cardiovascular output.

I'm not aiming to become the most ripped guy just promote a relatable healthy lifestyle which will hopefully get somebody else felling the same emotions doing the same, how i started was this morning i took my weigh in along with my body fat % and a few other measurables on a boditrax machine (nothing fancy just a weighing scales in virgin active gym) which ill be sharing in the upcoming blog posts 

i look forward to sharing this with you through my blog, i may be also soon looking at returning to my youtube channel to help promote the above message, although when speaking about my mental health i prefer this method, i feel i can become more personal and feels as though I'm having the conversation with myself.

whist there is what could be perceived as negative factors in this blog posts, the reasoning behind it is change and the only way to do that is to start, may not be ideal time, you may not be in the ideal situation, may not feel like you have the financial strength, but just get up and go! do it! that run will lift your mood, that gym workout will build self esteem, that first healthy meal is the first step to many more. 

remain positive! 


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  • Thanks for this post. Long time lurker and fan who gets inspiration from your journey. Battling mental health issues myself, go to the Veterans Center three times a week for PTSD and depression counseling. Apart from counseling, I rarely leave the house but I hope to someday go back to school and continue my education as well. I wish you the best of luck in your studies and future.


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