Then it just clicked

Dan Harding

Today is very different from usual days, I’ve not had a feeing like this in a while, pretty much i had gone from not wanting to be in or attend the gym in any shape or form to being down, frustrated and annoyed all rolled into one that i could make it.
See id actaully been really looking forward to my session today, was meant to train initially with a lad at about 7:30pm looking for a bit of guidance around the gym but unfortunately he wasn’t feeling too well, no biggie used to training on my own so i thought id just crack on, kept it at the same time, it would be dead at that time on a friday i could hit my Bench Press work out, follow up with 20 minutes on the rower then down to the pool for 25 lengths and a cheeky spa! sorted, although it wasn’t.
To cut a long story short my mrs was heading out for a meal with some mates and i couldn't get a sitter, fuming, i was frustrated because i had a plan, i was going to do my two warm up sets, then work up to 5 working sets of 3 reps at about 85-90% of my 1rm, i was going to make progress i could feel it, but then something happened which inspired me to write this post really..
I was sitting there going over in my head like Arrrgh i want to get in and smash this session, then it just clicked, i hadn’t had a feeling like this in real honesty over a year not really wanting to be in there with a clear vision and plan, so i picked up the laptop and had to let you know.
Fucking off social media pressures, macro pressures and comparisons to how much I’m not like them has taken its toll on me i was enjoying the training again! so I’m going to leave the fact i can’t train tonight, not dwell on it and pick it up again tomorrow with the same attitude, motivation can be a funny thing somedays you can’t get it from anywhere the next day it smacks you in the face right out the blue.
until next time…
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