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Dan Harding

Kind of frustrated i won’t lie, last couple of blog posts i hope its come across that I’m trying to get back into the swing of things because trust me i really am, i didn’t want to moan about injuries or anything because my message was to be positive in adverse situations but now I’m pissed.
So 2 week ago i snapped the ligament in my ring finger left hand, leaving me unable to straighten the end of my finger as the ligament damage cause it to just droop down, nightmare right, but I’ve been pushing through regardless, doing as much as i can with limited mobility, i had a standard splint holding the finger straight but i was determined to regain my health and fitness… heres where the fun starts,
I went for an appointment with Hand therapy to get what they told me was a custom, less bulky and more subtle splint, i shit you not, it looks like a finger king kong would be proud to sport, its fucking massive, so covers more of my finger with less mobility and the thing is bright blue, so basically everything they promised me they threw out the window as soon as i arrived…. safe!! 
Kind of left me like why the fuck do i actually bother you know, I’m going to get there be able to do even less, in turn frustrate me even more, kind of feels like its messing with my training, as i really want to give Crossfit a try but kind of want to be at least 80% fit and have range of motion before i even attempt the sport which won’t be for at least another 4 weeks and i really don’t want to lose that interest, the injury is an 8 week recovery time, it will be 2 weeks Monday 25th Sept, just to give you a time frame of what I’m dealing with.
While I’m on the subject of Crossfit, whats your guys thoughts, opinions and experience with the sport?? i really do want to know, i personally went to a gym called unit 22 in Northampton to watch a session, see if it was for me and although it seemed expensive as fuck, (apparently same across all Crossfit gyms) there was a different sense of community i wasn’t used too, like people really encouraging you and trying to see you succeed, which felt kind of refreshing and possibly what I’m looking for…
Enough whining anyway I’m off to attempt a push session followed by a swim, cheers for taking the time,
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  • Evening dude! As always a real read and even thou your talking about an injury it’s still positive in some light as all of us will suffer injury at some point!
    Not looked into cross fit before so look forward to your vids on it
    Keep going dude!
    Also I can talk to therapists tomorrow at work if you want any more advice.
    Big love man!!!


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